Hotspur House, Manchester

Hotspur House, Manchester

Project Description

In Planning


Situated in prime Manchester city centre location, Hotspur House, a 19th Century mill in Cambridge Street was purchased in 2015. The 56,000 sq ft five-storey warehouse was formerly used as a cotton mill, before being taken over by printing company Percy Brothers. The building was more recently used as a printing shop until 2011 where the building was then left vacant.

Plans have been submitted for the redevelopment of Hotspur Press, near First Street , which would see part of the historic building’s facade kept, its signage restored and a new tower block of 171 apartments built behind its frontage.

Hotspur House is near two prime residential developments; the Macintosh Mills redevelopment and also opposite a 280-apartment scheme by Renaker Build. Plans have not yet been submitted however MCR Property Group hopes to submit plans to restore the Manchester building into something unique for the city.